• ABS-Lock® X-First II

  • Anchorage point for individuals, equipped with a 100% adjustable
    base plate for easy installation at the roof apex
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Product Description

Our ABS-Lock® X-First II is an anchorage point for individuals specially designed for pitched roofs. It is easily installed right at the roof apex. The base plate can be manually adjusted to match any desired roof pitch. Attach the ABS-Lock® X-First II to a rafter using only 8 screws – guaranteed to drastically reduce installation time.

Our ABS-Lock® X-First II is DEKRA-tested in accordance with DIN EN 795:2012 [type A] and can be used to protect up to 3 individuals simultaneously from falling.

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Functionality & Installation

Thanks to its central position at the roof apex, our ABS-Lock® X-First II can be used from both sides of the roof. As the device is designed for all directions of load, the anchorage point is also ideal for securing individuals who need to move across the roof towards the verge or over a roof valley.

The screws securing our ABS-Lock® X-First II must be rotated at least 115 mm into the rafter. Thanks to two different sets of pre-drilled holes, the device can either be screwed directly onto a rafter or through a wooden structure (roof battens, paneling etc.) sitting on top of the rafter – as long as the minimum required rafter installation depth is observed.

  • Anchorage point for individuals, designed for installation at the roof apex
  • Adjustable base plate – fits any roof pitch
  • Base plate can be manually adjusted for a perfect fit
  • Minimum rafter dimensions: 80mm x 120mm
  • Minimum distance screws need to be rotated into the rafter: 115mm
  • DEKRA-tested in accordance with DIN EN 795:2012 [type A], designed to secure 3 individuals simultaneously
  • Manufactured completely from corrosion-resistant stainless steel (1.4301)
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